Robbert Pattinson New Girl Friend Model Dylan Penn’s

Robbert Pattinson Dating with his New Girl Friend Model Dylan Penn’s

Robert Pattinson, Dylan Penn Robert Pattinson Girlfriend
Robert Pattinson & 22-year-old daughter of actors Robin Wright and Sean Penn

Beautiful Lady Dylan Penn is a daughter of Hollywood Star’s Sean Penn And .These days It is reportedly known that model Dylan are dating with Robbert Pettinson.They were seen pictured together on Sep 7 At LA hotspot The Viper Room.

Kristen Stewart and Robbert Pattinson’s  is actually seems to be no more together.As the actor Robbert Pattinson’s  Seems to be moving on the track of Dylan.It is to be known through report that they seems to be much in touch and getting very serious with each other.While Robbert Pattinson’s  And Kristen Stewart known as the most lovely couple and favorite couple among youngsters specially.

Robbert Pattinson Dating With Dylan Penn

As you all know that Rob is always known as the star who love dating around with the young beauties and his female co stars.So now he is again in news with another young blonde model Dylan Penn.She is the daughter of parents stars Sean Penn And Robin Wright.She is 22 years old blonde beauty which is in touch relationship with Robbert Pattinson.

According to the report on Sept 7 they were seen together with very “Touchy Feely” at the viper room then almost at 1 A.M they left together to eat at the Robbert Pattinson Favorite place hotspot the Chateau Marmont Hotel after that they headed back to Rob’s house!.

Source says  that the scene actually was:

“he was getting behind her and kissing her neck”.

I Think Robbert Pattinson used to think that with blondes it is having more fun because formally we was connected with Elvi’s grand daughter Roley Keough.

Dylan Dad , Sean Peen in his 2007 directed Kristen In his Film ,Into” the Wild”.

Robbert Pattinson Having A Girfriend  Right Now?

We have already told you through sources that on Robbert Pattinson  25th birthday party ,he was actually seen with his new girl holding hands , named Shoshana Bush.

“They were looking cute together according to the sources.Even at one point when he was taling to someone she wandered over and grabbed his hand and pulled him near the pool.Their hands were all over each other!”.

Now Robbert Pattinson can better tell us that who having his girl friend right now J

Dylan Penn Robert Pattinson Girlfriend
Robert-Pattinson-blond bombshell to his home for a smaller get-together with friends

Robbert Pattinson Recent Interview Reveals  About Why I Dumped Kristen Stewart

As you all know that Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up.While we all not sure about the reason behind.So finally the truth and reason is revealed by Robbert Pattinson in his new interview In Australia’s Stunday Style.Even if Kristen Wants to know the reason ,that why Robbert Pattinson is not getting back to her she should read his recent interview.

By Robbert Pattinson recent interview ,he comes across as an sensitive and understanding guy saying that he doesn’t tolerate people who cross him. Which actually tells about that ,why he dumped Kristen.

The 27 year old handsome guy tells to Sunday style that ,”he is good at trusting people but when someone breaks his trust,its over.”

“I don’t ever feel the need to forgive or expect people to be,” Rob says. “I judge people on their actions. I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right, I give them the benefit of the doubt. If they do something I can’t be bothered to deal with, I just cut them out.”

It sounds as why he could not forgive Kristen.It is even reported that Rob was tough on Kristen after he came to know that she cheated on him and publicly embarrassed him.

While in his other interview at Glamour Italy,Rob says that he prefer to be alone.He even said that he wishes that he could be a “Dictator” to have a kingdom in which “no one could live here,but me.”

It is even sounds as he is actually going through a path of discovering himself.We but feels good for him that he is having such a high moral standards.But Don’t you all think he is being too hard With Kristen?

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