Rare interview of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Rare interview of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie talked on all current issues regarding Marriage, Surgeries and new movie By The Sea

angelina jolie brad pitt recent interview

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rare interview is coming on 2nd of November on Monday. As we all know that in these days many things are coming from both of them in the news that they have started misconception and their relation is about to break but in this interview both have cleared everything.

They both came to tell a world that they have no issues the interview is unexpected all the issues will be discuss in this interview. The name of the show is “Today Show” and they are giving interview to Tom Brokaw, Angelina is discussing about her latest movie named “By The Sea” on which she is directing herself and lot of fights and the was done in the vacations they had in France.

The interview is yet has to come its just a promo which we are discussing here now as Angelina is directing the movie and she is so much involved in that and the marriage issues between both of them. Brad actually cleared in this interview that their personal life is different from the role in the film. Brad said that we could never create this kind of movie because they are too much close to each other and chemistry between Brad and Angelina is so much high.

On the other hand we all know that there were some issues between both of them it actually relates to Angelina’s health. Oscar lady Angelina had issues regarding her health she had a swear surgery to her ovaries it was not little decision but Brad Pitt fully support her wife on to this.

Brad says that he supported his wife for the sake of his family and he can do everything because it is the only thing which is his world. Brad says it was Angelina decision and he has no issues regarding the surgery also included that things could be done wrong or it could go on different directions but we have to accept them positively.

This thing was not publicly announced that time it was two years ago Angelina announced this in year 2013, Angelina gives all the credit to his husband brad.

She said that she knows this well that her husband was with her completely and she added in this that with brad support I never felt that I am women her husband was along with her side no matter what the situation is.

Full interview will launch on 2nd of November on Monday and it will be rocking.


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