News on James Harden and Khloe and Lamar

News on James Harden and Khloe Kardashian His teammates are wishing her girlfriend should go to Lamar Odom

james Harden are not happy that he is with Kardashian

As we know that Lamar Odom is recovering from his kidney failure and making great progress, Khloe Kardashian is again taking u turn to his boyfriend James Harden. But teammates of James Harden are not thrilled and are not giving good remarks on it they are bit disappointed on it because Khloe Kardashian attention towards him is directly affecting performance of whole tea m that’s why they are bit worried they wants a girl back towards his ex-husband so James Harden focus towards his team Huston Rockets.

Just because Houston Rockets NBA team has not taken excellent start this season and all the teams mates tags this to Khoe Kardashian it just all done because of her. That’s why they all want that Khloe Kardashian just move back towards Lamar Odom for the sake of good team performance.

Houston Rockets main opener was not present in the team and it was just happen because of Khloe was patching up with him as we know she was with Lamar’s side on the hospital. They were saying to James harden that we loss the match due to Kardshain presence they were doing leg pulling but that’s okay but we know well that it was in their destiny of team if they play good they will never loose. It was all done in joke but it’s take out the negative meaning. Khloe Kardashian took her divorce with Lamar Odom on the date October 21 and she admitted in an interview with People Magazine that zero percent of chance patching up again.

They made their choice and they are happy on this decision it is all happening because she is with his man James. It may be a possibility because as we all know that Khloe is confused between two guys and she was not conform which way she has to go but its personal internal matter and who knows wish of teammates of James came true in the future.

On the other hand James is avoiding all the jokes relates to Khloe and through authentic sources we came to know that his teammates are also happy and supporting him. When it comes to love you don’t care what ever the world says to you just see your love and James is confident and he damn care what anyone says to him.


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