Luke Bryan Surprised to know Blake Shelton Dating Gwen Stefani

Luke Bryan surprised to know Blake Shelton Dating Gwen Stefani

Luke Bryan shocked to know Blake Shelton Dating Gwen Stefani


Everyone was shocked to know this news even many celebrities were not expecting this sort of state entire music industry got suspicious into it that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are in relationship. Luke Bryan even was also giving a surprise look when a lady named Carissa Loethen news reporter of E News asked him this question on red carpet.

Luke Bryan was looking like he is blind onto this situation and totally denied the thing that Black Shelton is dating his girl Gwen Stefani. When reporter asked Luke Bryan about her in the CMA red carpet he started laughing and said to her that this is some sort of trick you are doing this to me. It looks like he was not ready for this and was expecting some other questions but media is media you cannot predict what is coming in your plate.

He shockingly reacted and said Did he seriously? Luke clearly said on the spot that you are kidding right because it could never happen its some sort of trick which you are doing to me he said this on red carmet CMA. If its real I will check this on to the account of Blake and I cannot say anything until its real because it is not in my knowledge it could be a play card on him the face expressions of his face was so much funny.

He added some more onto this by saying that it could never be happen if it is real because I know Blake personally Gwen Stefani is not type of girl of him Blake, he will never score a girl like that so I don’t accept this its fake news.

The relationship between Gwen and Blake knows everyone that they are good friends to each other but this friendship is going further apart and status is getting change as they started dating. Gwen’s also confirms when she gave interview to US Weekly. The pair decided together not only to attend CMA together but also many other parties and ceremonies together in near future it could all be done as long as they are together and dating with each other.

Blake and Gwen look very sweet together when the cuddling pictures of them released at Adam Levine’s Halloween party on November 4th. Blake gave so romantic comments on her he is so much happy that he cannot fully express. At Halloween he said she looks stunning and her girl is so much happy with him to she feels butterflies in her stomach and have feelings for him.

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