Lamar Odom’s BasketBall player needs kidney transplant what will happen to him?

Lamar Odom’s Basket Ball player needs kidney transplant what will happen to him?


Lamar Odom’s is known as a famous basketball player this level of fame is earned by his dedication and his devotion towards his game. He performed at his level best he is the face of year 2009, 2010 and 2011 because he won National Basketball Association championships it’s not  an easy thing to do this man proved himself in front of whole world. Lamar Odom’s belongs to New York city popularity of this man is seriously so high.

In year 2011 this man was named as 6th man of the year which was a big success. Unfortunately problem occurred with this talented man he has a savior kidney problem which affects him badly.

The period of recovery is much more than expected it is a serious issue because doctors of Lamar Odom says this problem will be fix by a kidney transplant. Kidney failure directly effects on his physical and mental approach. According to the doctors kidney failure is not a simple thing that one day the kidney fails and you just operate on the next day.

Kidney transplant take plenty of process it take years to find a perfect match. Lamar Odom’s continuing dialysis on daily basis. Doctor also recommends him tips he want to change himself if he want recovery. Dr Ramin explains this kidney failure due to lot of smoking and too much alcoholic routine and the drugs are not so much helpful in this kidney transplant. Probability of recovery will be so much less if he continues his habits.

There is no doubt that Lamar Odom’s having so much tough time of his life by good medication and under supervision of good doctors he is in peace but it will no longer be long term his life would be on stake of risk. He improved a bit but the passage of recovery is too long he have lot much to do to recover.

Lamar has faced more than 12 strokes which is so painful by hearing it has bad impact on him. According to sources damage has done in Lamar’s body but the reason is still un-known. Even doctors were failed to find out what is the damage that effects. He is under the super vision of doctors many tests are still pending but the hopes are so much high let’s hope for best for his future God bless him.

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