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Lamar Odom personal life biography

Lamar Odom is a champ of NBA he is the man with spirit. This man is versatile kind of player who started his career  with the the basketball club Los Angeles Clippers and another club Miami Heat. These two are top class club of America, the good thing is that he touched the sky though Los Angeles Lakers by winning two titles NBA championships and became Sixth Man of the year on year 2011 and it is marvelous catch.

When Lamar was not famous he struggled a lot to be on top this man attended UNLV and after some time he was transferred towards the University of Rhode Island he worked so hard to raise his team and uplift the success rate by winning Atlantic 10 Conference title in year 1999.

A lot of bad time also came on him in the past Mark Cuban picked this guy for his club Dallas Mavericks in year 2011, it was not a good time for him team loosed because he not played good in result of this team through him out.

Lamar got married to a famous star Khloe Kardashian in year 2009. This beautiful couple started their reality show with their own name “Khloe and Lamar”. In is own family Lamar Odom has three children one named as Destiny, Jayden and Lamar JR.

Lamar has won two big titles of NBA with Kobe Bryant he is also a famous basketball player. At that time Kobe Bryant got seriously down when Lamar Odom was traded with the competitor club Dellas Mavericks the club through him out when he was not succeed.

Lamar Odom’s is owner of music and fim production company named as Rich Soil Entertainment. Lamar Odom’s has done so many movies him self like in year 1996 name of the movie was Arli$$. After four years in 2000 “ESPN Outside The Lines Sunday”. In 2002 Van Wilder has performed a role of Coolidge Chickadee Player. 2005 he released a movie Entourage in 2006, Fantasy Factory Kobe Doin Work two movies in year 2009. Lot of work has been done so far him them most successful player of basketball and in his own production he got success in these two fields.

He has a bad repute these days in year 2015 because of drug overdose has kidney collapse. He went into a comma for three days but came out of danger his marriage is on risk Khloe is supporting him but it’s a life lot yet has to come.


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