Justin Bieber Accused for Egged His Neighbor

Justin Bieber in sticky situation after egging his neighbour’s house which ended after police visit.

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It was an amazing situation on Jan 9 when Justin Bieber’s neighbour called the police that Justin is egging his house and the drama was ended when the police came to Justin’s house Calabasas, Calif. According to a source Justin’s neighbour called the police and complained that he heard a bang and when he came to his second floor to see what is happening, he saw Justin is throwing eggs on his house and when he saw him he also aimed at him and kept throwing eggs. The neighbour told that he has threw approximately 20 eggs at his house. Afterwards they allegedly got into a verbal dispute he threw a few more eggs and then went inside his house. Police confirmed to the site that they did answer the call and took an incident report.
As everyone knows that is not the first time when Justin has had a problem with his neighbour. In March 2013, he was accused for spitting on his neighbour as well as threatening his life. It has been reported that Justin had angered his neighbour by going about 100 MPH through the neighbourhood. The police sheriff said that they are investigating for the complain and the things will be clear very soon after investigation.

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