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Amanda Seyfried Profile

Amanda Michelle Seyfried more commonly known as Amanda Seyfried was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S. on the 3rd of December, 1985. Amanda Seyfried began her professional career in America at the tender age of 11 as a child model and was introduced to the acting career when she was a teenager of just 15 years of age and she is at present mature with 27 years of age. Now she is an American Singer, Actor and Model.

Amanda Seyfried Bio

Amanda Seyfried who was born on December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania has a small family comprising of a mother, father and a sister. Amanda Seyfried’s mother named, Ann whose actual name is “Née Sander” and is a therapist by profession. Amanda Seyfried’s father whose name is Jack Seyfried, is a pharmacist by profession. Amanda Seyfried joins her roots from the German origin. Amanda Seyfried went to high school and graduated from Allentown’s William Allen High School in the year 2003. Amanda Seyfried is the youngest in the family as she has an elder sister, Jennifer Seyfried. Jennifer Seyfried works in a rock band working in Philadelphia, named “Love City” as she is a musician by profession. Amanda Seyfried, started her career as a model in different garment advertisements just in the age of 11 in the year 1996. Amanda Seyfried then continued modeling till the age of 17 and then opted to go for going for music lessons in her teenage to fulfill her dream to become a singer. For all this Amanda Seyfried studied opera and then took coaching from a Broadway coach.

Amanda Seyfried Filmography

Amanda Seyfried as we know began her career as a model in 1996. By the year 2000 to 2003 she made her first ever appearance in the two different television shows “As the World Turns” and in American Broadcasting Company (ABC) show “All My Children”. She then auditioned for the character of Regina George in “Mean Girls” but after the auditions, the producer settled for making her play the character as Karen Smith. After succeeding with her role in the feature film “Mean Girls”, in 2005 she appeared in the television series “Veronica Mars”, where she played the lead role in the film “Nine Lives” as Samantha, for which she won an award from the Locarno International Film Festival, for Best Actress.
Amanda Seyfried was casted in the comedy horror film Jennifer’s Body in March 2008. The film was premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival and was released to theaters on September 18, 2009. She presented an award and also performed at the 2009 Annual 81st Academy Awards ceremony on 22 February 2009. In 2010, she appeared in the romantic comedy film “Letter to Juliet” which was based on the book by Lise and Ceil Friedman.
In 2008 Amanda Seyfried released her first studio album with the name Mamma Mia. In 2010, she released her 2nd album Post The Love and next year 2011 the third album Red Riding Hood was released.

Amanda Seyfried Tumblr

Amanda Seyfried is very applauded in the thick of her fans from around the world and also acclaimed for her performances in different films and her songs. Amanda Seyfried’s fans often keep searching for her latest updates through different social contacts so they can stay informed as much as possible as being their favorite celebrity. Tumbler which is the one of the most famous social network’s being used around the world especially among the celebrity circles is also been used to search out for Amanda Seyfried. There are tons of Tumblr users in the world who keep searching for Amanda Seyfried’s Tumblr location so they can stay acquainted with the latest of her activities. To keep the fans acquainted with her, Amanda Seyfried has rooted her own online Tumblr page. Now Amanda Seyfried keeps her fans updated with all of her work schedule and daily life practices. Tumblr is the most acclaimed and the best way to update all the fans. Amanda Seyfried just like all other notable figure takes eager interest to update her page, so that her fans can stay update about all what she is doing and also about her future plans.

Amanda Seyfried Twitter

Amanda Seyfried’s fans are increasing around the world who are inspired with her performances in the films. All who are inspired with her search for her Twitter account. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around the world which has millions of users. All of the Twitter users search for her Twitter account as she is one of most favorite actress among her fans. To fulfill the desire of her fans to stay in touch and keep updating her fans she has established her own Twitter account as well her Twitter fan page. She keeps up dating her Twitter with her daily plans and also with her latest pictures. Her fans also keep posting tweets for her.

Amanda Seyfried Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world which has billions of users around the world. Amanda Seyfried is also one of the Facebook user. All of her fans who use facebook keep searching for her facebook account, as she is one of the most favorite celebrities. Her fans love her for her performance and for her glamorous beauty. Her fans want to stay up to date with her daily activities and also with her future plans. To fulfill the desire of her fans she has also established her own Facebook fan page where she keep updating her current activities, future plans and also her latest pictures. She has a large number of fans in her facebook fan page who are inspired with her and wants to stay in touch with her.

Amanda Seyfried Style & Fashion

Amanda Seyfried is one of the most famous celebrities who is known for her acting and singing style. She is also famous for her glamorous beauty, fashion and style. Her fashion and style is very popular among her fans, especially among the young girls who are inspired with her fashion. As a celebrity she also takes keen interest to stay up to date with latest fashion and style according to the latest trends. She is a famous celebrity and she always lives in the spot light, so keeping this thing in her mind she give much attention on her fashion and style. She is also popular for her glamorous styles which always won the hearts of her fans.

Amanda Seyfried Hot Pictures

Amanda Seyfried is famous celebrity who has also worked as a model and she has 1000’s of pictures. Her fans also search for her latest hot pictures. Inspired by her glamorous beauty all of her fans take keen interest to find her hot pictures. As a celebrity she always live in the spot light for which media personals also give her much attention and do not miss a chance to take her pictures. Her glamorous beauty forces her fans to search for her hot pictures. She has also posed for many magazines and photographers in which she looked hot. Her photo shoots are very famous among her fans and they also collect her hot pictures to show their love with their favorite celebrity.

Amanda Seyfried HairStyle

Amanda Seyfried’s hair styles are very famous among the young girls who are inspired with her. She also keep changing her hair styles according to the latest trends and the demands. Whatever hair style she adopts she looks beautiful and her hair styles make a statement. Many of her fans who are inspired with her hair styles try to adopt her hair styles as she is one of their favorite celebrities. Her fans search for her latest hair styles which she has introduced in the world of fashion. Her hair styles always look different from the previous ones whenever she go for a party or at any event. Her long and short hair styles both look fabulous on her. Her bangs and layers are also very popular among the young girls.
Amanda Seyfried Shoes:
Amanda Seyfried is one of the celebrities who love to collect the beautiful shoes. She is known for her latest styles of her shoes. Whenever or where ever she goes she takes much attention on her shoes as she is a well-known celebrity she is always in the spot light. Her high heels are very popular among her fans and she also is also the one who love to wear the high heels. Her boots are also very popular as she has worn different types of boots at different places. She also love to wear the sandals during the spring seasons as this is a need to wear an open shoe and also it completes the requirements of the latest trends.

Amanda Seyfried Clothes

Amanda Seyfried is also popular for her casual and formal wear. She also take keen interest in her clothing and keep changing her clothing styles according to the latest fashion trends. She always introduces a unique clothing style which becomes popular among her fans. Her party wear clothes are also very famous among her fans and also in many celebrities because her clothing style is always different and unique from the others. Keeping in mind that she is a favorite celebrity among many she give all of her attentions to her clothing and as she is inspired with the clothing designs she has also shown her interest to start her own clothing line which shows her interest in clothing.

Amanda Seyfried Hand Bags

Women’s fashion is uncompleted without handbags. Amanda Seyfried is the one who has also keen interest to have hand bags and she also have a large collection of hand bags. She always keep changing her hand bags according to the latest trends and fashion. Her hand bag styles always impress the girls who also love to have hand bags. Inspired by her hand bags all those girls who are inspired by her search for her the latest trends and fashion in hand bags and they also try to copy their Favorited celebrity. Her black hand bags are always one of the most favorite among the girls and she also love to have different types of black hand bags. The young girls are also inspired by her hand bags which she has used in her movies. In different parties she have also seen with very expensive hand bags.
Amanda Seyfried Beauty
Whenever it come to Amanda Seyfried, many of her fans are inspired by her acting style, singing but their and many who are inspired with her beauty. She is one of the most celebrities who has known for her glamorous beauty. All who are inspired by her beauty they also love her and the girls are always keep searching for her beauty secrets. She also take much care of her beauty as this is also a requirement for a celebrity to look beautiful. In many parties and events she looks most beautiful among the others because her beauty is always eye-catching which won the hearts of her fans.

Amanda Seyfried Jewelry

There is a saying that a women is uncompleted without jewelry. Women love the jewelry and Amanda Seyfried is also one of them who love the jewelry and she has a large collection of different types of jewelry. She has also seen in different parties with very expensive jewelry like diamond and gold jewelry and when she is casual she also use different type of jewelry like bracelets and other accessories. She most of the time wear the earrings which are in different types and in different shapes. Her jewelry is also very famous among the girls who love to adopt her style and her fashion.

Amanda Seyfried Sunglasses

Amanda Seyfried has a large collection of sunglasses because the sunglasses are necessary to complete the fashion. She always wear different types of the sunglasses at her normal life and also when she is doing a role in a movie. At different places she has seen with different types of beautiful sunglasses. She mostly like the sunglasses which are large in size and in dark color. Amanda Seyfried ray ban sun glasses are very popular among her fans and she also have more brads of sunglasses like: cat eye sun glasses and red sun glasses. Her red sun glasses are very popular among the girls.

Amanda Seyfried Hats

Amanda Seyfried is also known for her hats and most of the times she has seen wearing a hat. Her hat styles are very popular among her fans and especially among the young girls who are inspired with her. She has also used different types of hats in many of her photo shoots in which she looked very hot and stylish. In different parties she has also used the hats which have become very popular among her fans.

Amanda Seyfried Accessories

Amanda Seyfried accessories are also very popular among the young girls like her hair accessories and others. She keep adopting the different types of accessories according to the latest trends. Most of the time she has seen wearing a scarf in which she looks very stylish and her Patterned Scarf are also very famous among her fans. Her bangle bracelets are also very famous and she also look very beautiful with the bangle bracelets.

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